Welcome Vehicle Retailers to AFG Canada

It is a great time to be “Thinking Lease”.

The AFG Canada lease program presents dealers with an exciting way to participate in a growing market. Dealers can offer their customers a product that is very consumer-friendly yet very profitable.

The potential demand for lease financing far exceeds those consumers who’ve leased (new vehicles) in the past. An AFG Canada credit union lease can compete with any financing product and with any provider.

The outlook is positive, not just for new vehicles, but for “nearly new.” This segment is conducive to lease financing and well worth considering as an AFG Canada lease target. An AFG Canada credit union lease is a win for you the dealer, a win for your customer and win for your local credit union.

Whether your dealership currently offers a vendor leasing product or you’re just thinking about developing a program, we hope your visit here will excite you about the benefits of an AFG Canada credit union lease. The proprietary features of our program will assist your Sales Team move more vehicles and your F&I team develop increased profits.

Leasing as a finance tool has generic benefits for many of your customers and for the dealership. Leasing enables you to:

  • Market low payments, low up-front costs, deferred tax, no consumer residual risk etc.
  • Implement an exceptional marketing strategy for factory program cars, past year models and former rentals
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty (60% of lessees will buy or lease another vehicle from you)
  • Establish a predictable supply of used vehicles

The proprietary features of an AFG Canada credit union lease make it superior to other lease finance solutions. It is closed-end, totally non-recourse and offers you increased F&I potential. Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Lease new and/or used vehicles
  • Increase per vehicle F/I income for both new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Expand lease offerings beyond your manufacturer’s current parameters
  • Still access the manufacturer’s rebate and cash incentives
  • Get new and additional customers who are directed to you by the credit union
  • Differentiate your store and have a distinct competitive advantage; the program will be available to only select dealerships
  • Build your local reputation and community brand by using local financing sources
  • Be confident with AFG Canada’s proven software, reporting, training support and risk management systems which are delivered by AFG Canada’s automotive and finance experts

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Toll-free Numbers:
Program Information: 888-486-1278
Lease Return Assistance: 877-354-4234, Option #2

Program Information:
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